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Free Services


For unique moments of well-being after hours of water games, choose the services of Watercity Waterpark for the ultimate relaxation experience. A journey of pleasure awaits you.

Cashless System

For your convenience and not to keep money with you, a barcoded bracelet will be positioned on the wrist at the entrance of the park. The bracelet carries a unique id number that allows you to buy products and services within the park without the use of cash. At the end of your day, the bracelet is removed at the exit counter and an analytical bill is issued in order to pay for all the products and services you bought during your visit. Enjoy your visit to the park without any stress!

First Aid Station

The waterpark has a fully equipped first aid station capable of dealing with any injury and open all day.

Life Guards

The waterpark has fully trained lifeguards at all slides and stations around the park for the safety and protection of all visitors.

Souvenir Shop

At Watercity you can do your shopping and buy gifts for your friends or choose a souvenir that will remind you of your relaxing holiday in Crete and the adrenaline pumping day on all 36 water games.

Reception, Lost & Found

At the entrance of the waterpark there is a reception that stays open all day long where you can deliver any objects you find that do not belong to you or declare something that you have lost.

Tourist Information

The reception is open all day. The staff on reception are always happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Safety Lockers, Changing Rooms

There are changing rooms, shower rooms and lockers available. Lockers are secure for you to keep your personal items throughout the day. There is an extra cost for that.

Taxi Stand

There is a taxi point right outside the park and there are always taxis available from this point. If you should have difficulty in finding a taxi here then someone at reception is always available to call one for you.

Park Photographer

You will definitely come across our professional photographer amongst all the other people you will meet in Watercity. He is always ready to photograph you alone or with your friends at all the rides and sites around the park.


The park has a large car park which can be used by anyone visiting the park and is also where the coaches drop off and collect groups.