• No pets allowed.
  • Suitable swimwear is recommended for all the rides, e.g. no zips, no thick material, no ripped clothing.
  • There is a Mini Market from where you can get whatever you may be missing (swimwear, towel, flip flops etc)
  • You may get snacks and drinks from our Bars.
  • You are not permitted to bring alcohol or glass bottles to the park.
  • Parents with babies are requested to have the essential plastic equipment needed.
  • We kindly request that you follow the safety rules of the park throughout your stay. Running and diving are not allowed in all areas.
  • For hygiene reason children who wear nappies should use waterproof ones.

Terms of entry to Watercity

It is forbidden to enter the park without payment. Tickets are issued both online on and at the entrance of the park or by authorized partners.

Due to safety requirements, physique and height of visitors are the limitations that apply on certain routes and entry to these games may not be allowed.

For a visitor to get an unrestricted access to all routes, his/her height must be over 1.40 meters.

Park visitors agree to comply with all instructions and directions given by Watercity staff based on security regulations.

Watercity reserves the right to refuse entry or to force visitors to leave the park in case of non-observance of terms of entry. Anyone who demonstrates one of the following behaviors will be forced to leave the park without a refund:

  • not following the instructions of Watercity staff or signs
  • misconduct (antisocial or provocative language, theft, vandalism, alcohol intoxication, using or being under influence of prohibited substances, inadequate supervision of persons under their care, or attempting to bypass visitors waiting in the line at the entrance or exit, among others)

By purchasing a ticket you accept that your image can be captured and recorded by the surveillance equipment in the park for security and monitoring purposes and that all of these images and recordings are exclusive property of Watercity.

Watercity does not allow visitors to enter the park carrying alcohol, drugs or convenience food.

Pets are allowed to enter the premises only after agreement with the supervisor. Watercity reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors with pets.

General Visitor Rules

Entering the park requires a presentation of a printed ticket. If you do not have a printer you can print your ticket at the entrance of the park. Ask for your printout in the slot before proceeding to the cashier.

When you enter the park we give you a wristband. The wristband should be worn on the wrist and at all times until your exit the park.

In case of damage of the wristband, please contact a responsible person. A charge will be applied in case of loss. You will be charged for the purchases that you made during your visit at the exit of the park as we do not accept money on the territory of the park.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult who is solely responsible for their care, behavior and safety within the facility. As a supervisor it is your responsibility to assess the swimming skills and limitations of the children under your care.

There are lockers available for rent to store your personal items. It is your responsibility to ensure that your locker is securely closed. We are not responsible for the loss of any property from your locker. We reserve the right to open or ask you to open and empty your locker if there is suspicion of illegal activity. Under no circumstances should any dangerous, flammable or illegal substances be kept in a locker.

Inflatables required to access the water slides are provided exclusively within the park and are only allowed on the routes. Inflatables are not personal and must be passed on to the next visitor at the end of each route.

In order to ensure the safety of visitors and staff, some routes / games may have specific age / weight / height or clothing requirements.

Visitors with medical conditions are responsible for assessing whether they can participate in the routes. They should seek medical advice if they are unsure.

Visitors wearing hearing devices, shoes, glasses, hard or sharp objects are not allowed to use any of the waterslides. If you are not sure about the limitations for each waterslide, ask our staff or check the signs before entry.

According to hygiene requirements, all children that are not toilet-trained are required to wear waterproof diapers during their Watercity activities.

Prices and Opening Hours

Watercity prices and opening hours are available at

Regular opening hours may change due to poor weather conditions. Weather or other factors may cause the park to close at times other than those listed on