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Plan your Visit


Would you like to visit the Watercity Waterpark and plan every detail of your waterpark trip?
We have compiled in a list everything you need to know before your visit.


The working hours of the park are 10:00-18:00 daily. All the weekends and the public holidays, the park is open.


Watercity Waterpark cooperates with several hotels on the island providing you with buses and drivers that can pick you up from the place of your choice and take you to the park. On the other hand, if you want to come with your own car, there is ample free parking for any small or large vehicle.
How to get here


You can buy your tickets at the entrance of the park or online and take advantage of our additional offers and discounts. The park has general entry, and the prices are 29,50€
for Adults and 19,50€ for Children < 140cm in height and for Children < 90cm in height FREE OF CHARGE. If you buy your tickets online and pay with your credit card, you
will get a 15% discount.
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At Watercity Waterpark you can find restaurants and shops to enjoy your meals and drinks, as outdoor food is not allowed on site. It even has umbrellas, sunbeds and chairs, so you do not need to carry them with you, however, if you want, you can bring your own things.


In addition to the cost of your ticket, you will need to keep an amount with you for your meal and drink. You may need to spend an average of 15 euros per person, but this varies depending on the number of meals and snacks you buy. At the entrance counter of the park a bar coded bracelet will be positioned on the wrist. The bracelet carries a unique id number that allows you to buy products and services within the park without the use of cash. At the end of your day the bracelet is removed at the exit counter and an analytical bill is issued in order to pay all the products and services you bought during your visit.
Restaurants and Bars


Your safety at Watercity Waterpark is guaranteed both in terms of games, as each game has its own lifeguard, but also in terms of overall safety of your belongings if you choose
the safe lockers we provide. You can store your personal belongings in a locker to keep them throughout the day. The park is not responsible for the items you keep on you or leave unattended in the park areas.

Park Safety