Watercity Map

Watercity Waterpark

WATERCITY provides people of all ages with the chance to enjoy their holidays, explore the beautiful park, relax by the pools, spend hours and hours on our exciting and thrilling games and rides, enjoy the sunshine, have a snack or a drink in our many restaurants and bars and shop for souvenirs for their loved ones.

Our main aim is to make your day as pleasurable as possible! This is the best amusement park on the island, don’t miss it!


At Watercity the safety of our visitors is of utmost importance. For that reason we have fully trained lifeguards and staff. The park operates according to all international rules and specifications for the safety of its visitors.

For our little friends who want to take a break from the water slides, they can have fun in the specially designed playground area. Carefree and relaxed, they will play on the various slides on the lawn.