We open early May and close in the middle of October every year depending on weather conditions.

10:00 – 18:00

Watercity slides are rated on 1,2 and 3 levels. Our games and water slides accessibility is based on height rather than age starting at 1m and 40cm as the minimum height to enter all slides. Children 90 cm to 1m 40cm can play on the slides rated 1 and 2 while smaller kids can only play in children pools and on the slides rated 1.

All guests entering the water must wear proper swim attire. This includes swimsuits, board shorts, swim trunks, surf shirts, bikinis, tankinis, and speedos. Attire that is not allowed includes basketball shorts, denim, t-shirts, tank tops, regular street clothing, and anything with grommets or zippers. No cotton material is allowed in the water.

Outside food, drinks, snacks, and candy are not allowed inside the facility. There is a concession stand available to purchase delicious meals and drinks. Click here for all available services.

Yes, there are plenty of food and drink spots to choose from! Have a look here all available services.

There are sun beds, chairs, umbrellas and benches provided within the facility which are included in the entrance price according to availability. You may bring your own but Watercity Waterpark does not assume responsibility if personal property is stolen.

Watercity waterpark does not provide towels to guests. Please be advised that you should bring your own.

The first thing that you should do is check-in at the reception. You will either give your already bought voucher or buy the ticket there. A cashless bracelet will be positioned on your hand. You can then head over to Watercity Boutique shop, to purchase anything you may have forgotten such as sun cream or a locker. Once you have everything you need, find your spot and start having fun.

Children must be at least 13 years of age or older to be without an adult (18 years +) chaperone within the waterpark. Children under 13 years of age may not be inside the facility without an adult chaperone.

Call +2815000200 or e-mail info@watercity.gr. But you don’t really need to print them. Just write down the number you will receive or just use your smart phone to show that number.

We try our best to inform our visitors via our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, for any service disruptions. In case of bad weather you should contact us on +2815000200 or via e-mail at info@watercity.gr

In this unfortunate case you can hire a taxi right outside of Watercity’s entrance.

Yes, there is complimentary wireless internet throughout the waterpark.

Yes, there are plenty of buses and you can purchase a combo entrance to the park and bus transfer ticket here.

Yes, the bus will pick you up from your selected bus stop and will also return you there when your visit to Watercity Waterpark ends.

The bus service starts from early morning until the park’s closing time. For more information please look up your hotel and find out the exact times!

Yes, you can easily drive to Watercity and enjoy free parking right outside the park’s entrance! For information on how to reach Watercity via car click here!

Watercity prides itself on its commitment to safety. Our 30 men lifeguard team is qualified and trained to ensure safety and performance for all watergames.

There are children’s life jackets and armbands of various sizes available for purchase at Watercity Boutique shops.

Yes, changing rooms are provided complimentary.

The waterpark has a fully equipped first aid station capable of dealing with any injury and is open all day.

You can rent a locker from the park’s Boutique.

All keys are attached to a rubber band that you wear on your wrist.

At the entrance of the waterpark there is a reception that stays open all day long where you can deliver any objects you find that do not belong to you or declare something that you have lost.

Although we take every precaution to avoid these kind of situations, there is always the chance for your belongings to be stolen if you don’t look after them.
You can rent a locker or avoid bringing with you unnecessary expensive items.

The weather in Crete is usually sunny and warm even during these months. You can purchase your ticket online and use it any day during your holidays. Purchasing a refundable ticket will guarantee no money loss, no matter the weather conditions.

The water in the pool is between 18 and 23 degrees depending on weather conditions.

No there are not. Sun beds, chairs, umbrellas and benches provided within the facility and are included in the entrance price according to availability.

Tickets may be purchased at the admission gates by cash or credit card.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club International, American Express, Maestro.

At the entrance counter of the park a bar coded bracelet will be positioned on the wrist. The bracelet carries a unique id number that allows you to buy products and services within the park without the use of cash.
At each department of the park your bracelet is scanned every time you buy something and a proper receipt is issued. At the end of your day the bracelet is removed at the exit counter and an analytical bill is issued in order to pay all the products and services you bought during your visit.
You are not allowed to remove the bracelet while inside the park. There is a penalty fee of 100€ for removing it from your hand. The bracelet is waterproof and cannot be cut easily. In case you have problems with your bracelet you need to contact the reception of the park as soon as possible.
The system is very helpful because you don’t need to have money on you. You can rent a locker and save them there.

All day use lockers are available at Watercity Boutique shop. Price for a locker is 4 euros.

Inner tubes(rubber rings) are available according to availability at no extra cost within the park.

The Reserve sells t-shirts, bathing suits of all sizes, men’s and boy’s swim attire, goggles, hats, sunglasses, sun cream, souvenirs and more.

Parking is always free at Watercity waterpark. Watercity waterpark is not responsible for damaged or stolen property.

Yes, there are several professional photographers around the park and you can book a session and create a collection of photographs with your friends and family.
Moreover, our photographers are scattered around the park and depict our visitors while on our rides. On your way out of the park have a stop at our photographers booth and ask for your pictures!
The price of the photos varies according to the number and format you ask.

Ticket prices vary according to height and age as a person’s or child’s height dictates which games and rides they can safely enter all slides. Children 90 cm to 1m 40cm can play on the slides rated 1 and 2 while smaller kids can only play in children pools and on the slides rated 1. Click here for Watercity’s tickets prices

The Watercity waterpark crew is responsible for the safety of everyone within the facility and enjoys interactive supervision of children by adults to help prevent injuries and accidents.