The most unforgettable experience of your summer this year!

Endless spree, fun and water games that will skyrocket your adrenaline. Take your company and come to Watercity WaterPark! Here, dozens of games and cocktails are waiting for you to experience unforgettable moments!


Closed tunnels, water slides of tens of meters, games with gravity and water are here and are waiting for you to live a fantastic experience with your friends!

Hyper Race

Race your friends down the slope, see who can be the fastest and be the first into the pool.


Join the fun with your friends in a double ring and enjoy the fun of this winding slide.

Turbo Cyclone

Experience the twisting and turning of this cyclone ride as you are spun around and around until you splash into the pool.

Tarzan’s Game

Tarzan jumped from tree to tree in the jungle. You can copy him at Watercity waterpark, while jumping into the swimming pool for an exciting splash.

Body Slide Cyclone

Take a deep breath and then experience what it feels like being in the middle of a cyclone. After spinning for a while you suddenly fall into the swimming pool.

Crazy River

Have you seen your parents yell like small children? The mad river is the slide that will drive you crazy. The enormous slide with the three swimming-pools on its journey takes you through the beautiful trees and olive groves of the park.

Wave Pool

Just take a yellow ring and let the biggest wave pool in Europe amaze you. The waves travel from side to side as well as parallel, whilst reaching 1.5 meters in height and travelling in 5 different directions.

Black & Red Tube

Two tubes, a black and a red one full of darkness and many turns. The darkness adds to the excitement as you never know which way you are turning next until you reach the bottom.


After a rapid fall, you feel the gravity at your legs, as these twin slides throw you into the heaven above the water runway.

Hydro Tubes & Free Fall

After a fast free fall from the slide feel the gravity in your legs as you are thrown into the swimming-pool. It is now time for the twin hydro tubes, whose sound of water draws you to them.

Ofisss Rattlesnake Toboggan

One of the most fascinating games that is suitable only for the boldest. Open and closed type hyper slides with high speed and turns that take your breath away.


Enjoy cocktails, drinks and coffees at the Coffee Place and Lazy Bar. Dance and feel the loud music at the Wave and Cocktail Bar. Make a stop for hot dogs and ice cream and get strength for the rest of the games at the Watercity Grill Bar.

Cocktail Bar

    Famous For:
  • Bar
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
Enjoy cocktails under the summer sun in our waterpark’s cocktail bar. Relax and refresh yourself after a fun filled day on the amusement slides.

Hot Dog, Ice Creams

    Famous For:
  • Crepes
  • Hot Dogs
  • Ice Creams
Enjoy a light snack at our café and bars. There is a wide variety of snacks on offer from hot dogs to pancakes, salads, sandwiches and ice creams. You will find everything you need to cater for everyone in your family or group.

Wave Bar

    Famous For:
  • Bar
  • Beer
  • Crepes
  • Fast Food
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pizza
  • Restaurant
One of the four bars at Watercity. Here you can cool off and catch your breath before experiencing the wave pool.


Easily accessible and with ample parking, if you come by car, but also by taxi stand just outside our premises, the Watercity Waterpark is waiting for you to live a fantastic experience, which you will remember through the photos that will have been taken by our photographer, until your next visit.

Reception, Lost & Found

At the entrance of the waterpark there is a reception that stays open all day long where you can deliver any objects you find that do not belong to you or declare something that you have lost.

Cashless System

For your convenience and not to keep money with you, a barcoded bracelet will be positioned on the wrist at the entrance of the park. The bracelet carries a unique id number that allows you to buy products and services within the park without the use of cash. At the end of your day, the ...

Safety Lockers, Changing Rooms

There are changing rooms, shower rooms and lockers available. Lockers are secure for you to keep your personal items throughout the day. There is an extra cost for that.


The park has a large car park which can be used by anyone visiting the park and is also where the coaches drop off and collect groups.

Park Photographer

You will definitely come across our professional photographer amongst all the other people you will meet in Watercity. He is always ready to photograph you alone or with your friends at all the rides and sites around the park.